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The Jungle
The Amazon rain forest is an enormous expanse of territory that collects the river flow.

The Amazon burst into Peruvian consciousness in the late 19th century during the Rubber Boom. Harvesting the sap from the wild expanses of the rain forest is one of the lesser know tales of adventure and exploitation in the Amazon. Entire native tribes were put in force labor. Iquitos was the center of Peru's rubber trade, while in neighboring Brazil much larger fortunes flowed through Manaus. By 1910, the rubber trade had seen its better days because the British had snatched the seeds of Hevea brasiliensis tree and transferred them to their Asian colonies, mainly Ceylon and Malaysia.
Since the 1970s, the Amazon has been caught between the risks of exploiting its natural resources, like petroleum and natural gas, and the growing importance of the cocaine trade in the local economy.
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