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India – Peru bilateral relations
Peru celebrates in 2013, fifty years of diplomatic relations with India (1963). In all this time, Peru and India have developed a firm, consistent and a privileged relation with on the basis of common values, similar history as cradle of civilization and visions about democracy and international peace and security, the widest cooperation, human interchange, market economy and mutual benefits.
India-Peru relations have traditionally been cordial and friendly. Since the 1987 there has been an increasing economic and business content to the relations after the visit of President Alan Garcia as the Chief Guest for Republic Day. The later visits of the President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, in a State Visit to India in 1997 followed by the state visit of the President of India to Peru in May 1998 were important milestones in the relations.
On the Peruvian side, an enhanced interest in the Asian Region due to APEC membership, coupled with India’s image as a technologically advanced democratic developing country as well as increased bilateral trade, has enhanced India’s importance. Peru is also a member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).
Visit of President of India to Peru

The President of India, Shri K.R. Narayanan visited Peru in April/ May 1998. It was the first ever Presidential level visit from India to Peru. An MOU on space cooperation between ISRO and the Peruvian National space Organization (CONIDA) was signed during the visit. The MOU envisages cooperation in development and use of remote sensing techniques and satellite-based metrological applications.
    President Fujimori’s visit to India        
Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori accompanied by a 39-member delegation visited India in May 1997. The visit provided an excellent opportunity to enhance awareness among Peruvians about India’s industrial capabilities. The following agreements of mutual cooperation were signed:
  • Agreement between Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) AND THE national Institute of agricultural Research of Peru (INIA)
  • Agreement on Scientific, Technical and Logistical Cooperation concerning the Antarctica.
  • Agreement on Tourism Cooperation
  • MOU on Annual Foreign Office Consultations
  • Agreement on Technical Cooperation
  • Agreement between Foreign Service Institute and Diplomatic Academy of Peru
    Separately, two business agreements were also signed:        
  • An Agreement on the establishment of Joint Business Council between the Peruvian Confederation of Private Enterprises (CONFIEP) and FICCI & ASSOCHAM.
  • Protocol for cooperation between NASSCOM and the Peruvian Chamber of Software (Camara Peruana de Software – CPS
    Visit of Minister of External Affairs –        
The MEA Yashwant Sinha accompanied by a high level CII business delegation visited Peru on 3-4 June 2003. This visit coincided with the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations. MEA called on President Toledo and held talks with then Foreign Minister Allan Wagner. His meeting with the Peruvian Minister for Education triggered cooperation in Technology on Information. Two Indian IT experts visited Peru in March 2006 under ITEC programme for the project Huascaran. He also met with the First Vice President & Minister of External Trade & Tourism. Peru announced its support to India’s candidature for permanent membership in an expanded UN Security Council. The two countries signed a joint statement that inter alia covered subjects like WTO issues, sustainable development, bio-diversity, climate change, poverty alleviation, fight against terrorism and reactivation of agreements signed. An agreement on abolition of visas for holders of diplomatic and official passports was also signed.

On the multilateral side, on behalf on Andean Community (CAN), Foreign Minister Wagner signed an agreement with EAM to establish regular contacts between India & CAN. EAM also met with the Secretary General of the Andean Community (CAN).
    40TH anniversary celebrations –        
India & Peru celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on March 26, 2003. Foreign Minister Wagner hosted a special ceremony on March 21 to commemorate the event. A reception attended by Foreign Minister, was also held at the Embassy Residence. A special supplement on India was brought out in Peru’s leading daily “El Comercio” on March 26 while a painting competition on India was organized at the Chancery premises on March 22.
    Visit by First Lady to India –        
First Lady of Peru Dr. Eliane Karp, attended the conference on “Dialogue among civilizations- Quest for new perspectives” as a Special Invitee of the Government of India. The conference was organized by UNESCO in New Delhi from July 9 – 10, India.
    Visit of Minister of Defense        
MOS(Defense), Shri Rao Inderjit Singh, paid an official visit to Peru in June 2006. He had discussions with the Defense Minister of Peru and the President-elect Alan Garcia about cooperation between the two countries in various fields including defense, agriculture and pharma.
Foreign Office Level Consultations
The third round of Bilateral Foreign Office Level Consultations was held between India and Peru in June 2005 in Lima. The Peruvian Delegation was led by Mrs. Martha Chavarri Dupuy. Under Secretary for Asia and Pacific Basin in the Peruvian Foreign Ministry and Secretary (West) Shashi Tripathi led the Indian Delegation. JS (LAC) visited Lima in August 2006 for meetings in the Foreign Office and the Andean Community.
The fourth round of Bilateral Foreign Office Level Consultations was held between India and Peru in July 2012 in New Delhi. The Peruvian Delegation was led by Ambassador Jose Beraun Aranibar, Vice-Foreign Minister of External Affairs and Secretary (West) Mr. M. Ganapathi led the Indian Delegation. During the Consultations were signed two MoU for Cooperation in Geology ans Mineral Resources and for setting up a Centre of Excellence of Information Technology (CEIT).
    Parliamentary contacts        
On April 30, 2003 the Peruvian Congress reactivated the Indo-Peru Parliamentary Friendship League. In January 2003, two Vice-Speakers from the Peruvian Congress went to India to participate in the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Indian Parliament. In December 2007, the India-Peru Parliamentary Friendship Group was formed in the Indian Parliament.
    Latest visits        
In 2010 four high authorities from India visited Peru, the Minister of State for External Relations, Dr. Shashi Tharoor (January 2010); the Minister for Housing, Urban Poverty Alleviation & Tourism Kumari Selja (March 2010); the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia (September 2010) and the Secretary of the Ministry of Mines, Santa Sheela Nair (February 2010).

In January 2011, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of Peru, Mr. Eduardo Ferreyros, visited India having encounters with the Ministers of Commerce and Industry and Tourism.
    Other issues:-        
Peruvian position on the reform of the UN
Peru has expressed support to India, Brazil, Japan, Egypt and Germany’s candidature for a permanent seat in an expanded UNSC.
    Peruvian position on the Kashmir issue        
Peru has traditionally shown understanding of the Indian position on Kashmir and has been sympathetic and appreciative of India’s responsible restraint even in the face of grave provocation. Peru supports India’s Position that such conflicts should be resolved bilaterally through dialogue and not be internationalized and welcomes the current bilateral dialogue that is taking place between the concerned parts in order to reach a pacific resolution on this issue.


    Peru and the nuclear issue        
Peru has traditionally supported a Latin American nuclear weapons free zone and has been sharply critical of nuclear testing. Peru is part of the “Tlatelolco Treaty” that in 1967 established the first non nuclear weapon inhabited zone in the World. Peru supports the right of the States to use this energy and technology for civilian purposes under international legislation and IAEA disposition
    Peru and terrorism        
    Peru condemns all kind of acts, practices and methods of terrorism irrespective of the motifs or causes.Peru has adopted as a national priority the fully respect of the fundamental human rights and absolute cooperation in the fight against terrorism, signing the main international and regional treaties.        
    Peruvian and Indian Communities        
The Peruvian Community in India is quite small, around two hundred people, mainly women.They are mainly professors, engineers, house wives and students. The majority lives in the Delhi NCR and other Indian states like Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

The Indian Community in Peru is also quite small, around 50-60 families, mainly engaged in business and trade, while few are professionals. In addition, there are some Indian national with the Missionaries of charity and other Christian organisations in Lima, Chimbote and Puno. India origin organisations like Hare Krishna, Sai Baba and Brahma Kumaris are also present.
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