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The Government
The Peruvian presidential system is a unitary, representative and decentralized type of government which provides for three separated branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial, each equal, autonomous and independent.
The Executive
The Executive Branch is vested in the President, who performs the duties of Head of State. He symbolizes and represents the permanent interests of the country. As Head of State, he conducts the governmental policy supported by a cabinet of 15 ministers. The Cabinet is presided by a Prime Minister.
The president and two vice-presidents are elected by universal suffrage. The Cabinet is appointed by the President. The Constitutional President until July 28th 2011 is Alan Garcia.
The Congress
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The Legislative Branch consists of the National Congress embodied in one chamber with 120 members. The Congress is the representative organ of the nation and its main duties are the representation of the people, the making of the laws that rule the country and the oversight of the other branches of government. Its duties are performed in order to obtain the economic, politic, and social development of the country. The Congress also is in charge of the eventual amendment of the Constitution.
The National Congress represents the plural opinion of the nation. Every race, religion, ideology, profession and occupation is democratically represented in the proportion decided by the citizens.
Electoral System
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The Peruvian Constitution provides for presidential and parliamentary elections each four years. The Electoral System consists of the National Electoral Jury (JNE), the National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE) and the National Register of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC). RENIEC is in charge of the preparation and update of the voter registration. ONPE is in charge of the organization of every electoral process and JNE is in charge of the oversight of the electoral system. JNE also declares the elected candidates and issue them their credentials.
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