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Economic Opportunities
Peru is the natural hub of South America representing a stable, attractive and profitable market due to its macro economic stability and legal guarantees. Peru owns an open economy to the world with FTA’s with United States, China, European Union, Japan, South Korea, etc. and represents and ample spectrum on business and investment.
Peru is the natural hub of South America with a long coastline facing the Pacific Ocean from which it connects Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries, in which Peru is a member, region that constitutes the most important and rich market in the world. It is projected also to the Atlantic Ocean, through the Amazon and on the basis of important investments in infrastructure such as the Inter-oceanic Highway that connects to Brazil. 
Strong macroeconomic figures for trade and investment

Peru represents a stable, attractive and profitable market due to its macro economic stability and legal guarantees. As India, it has been growing continuously for more than twelve years consecutive months being considered by the last edition of the IMF World Economic Outlook (October 2009) as the projected highest economy growth in Latin America for the year 2010. 
The responsible economic policy -which has been maintained through a succession of democratic governments - has allowed accumulate international reserves exceeding the country’s foreign debt, strengthen the financial system and maintain a fiscal surplus. Since July 2008, three credit risk rating agencies have granted Peru the “investment grade” for its long term sovereign debt in foreign currency: Standard & Poors, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s
    Open economy to the world        
Ample spectrum of business
    a) Mining        
Peru is the first world producer in Silver, the second in Copper and Zinc and between the third and fifth in the Tellurium, Tin, Lead and Gold. It is also between the top five producers in the world in Copper, Bismuth and Selenium. Only 20% of the territory with mining potential has been explored.
    b) Agribusiness and organic products        
The geographical location of Peru let its products received the greatest solar intensity obtaining products with intrinsic quality, distinguishing them for their flavor and color. Its crops are magnificent, rendering two to more harvest per year during long seasons in contrast with the Northern Hemisphere. 
Peru export offer includes Asparagus, Paprika, Artichoke, Citrus, Grapes, Avocados, Bananas and Beans including in their processed form
    c) Exotic and nutritious products        
Peru represents an exceptional opportunity for traditional and exotic products, coming from the Amazon and Andean region, owns high nutritional and protein value that could be used in food processing and pharmaceutical industry. Between these products it is possible to refer to Maca, Yacón, Kiwicha, Sacha Inchi, Aguaymanto and Camu Camu. 
    d) Handicrafts and Jewelry         
The export of handicrafts, that reflect the evolution of a millenary tradition adapted to the needs of international markets, is a highly potential activity due to the increasing interest in Peruvian design. Main international markets and chain stores require furniture, decorative and handicrafted articles, gifts, silver and gold jewelry, among others.
    e) Skins        
Peru has develop a growing export of taned skin of sheep in wet state and other grain of bovine including wet-blue.
    Main exports from India to Peru        
Main current exports from India  are  also very diversified such final goods (such motorbikes, medicaments, mobile phones), raw material and intermediate products (Cotton fiber, steel, industry parts) and capital goods.
    Bilateral complementarities        
Peru hopes to initiate, in the near future, the negotiation of an economic treaty after having reached an historic amount of US$800 million in bilateral trade in 2008. Peru is permanently receiving numerous entrepreneurial visits (ITPO, EEPC, PHARMEXCIL, PLEXCONCIL, TEXPROCIL, Essar Oil, CHEMEXIL, CAPEXIL, HAL, MKU, etc) to explore, develop and increase multiple business with India and big companies such as “Reliance Industries” and “Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.”, BAJAJ, Mahindra, etc have initiated important investment in energetic field at the Peruvian rainforest. Peru is convinced that in the future this bilateral relation must expand to the strategic spaces of food production and energy supply, which are much needed in India.
The Embassy of Peru in India would like to invite to the enterprises members to FICCI to send your interest and eventual enquiries regarding their interest and possibilities of import some Peruvian products in order to provide them more detailed information, including bilateral contacts in Peru.
    You may contact us to        
Economy and political alliance signed by Peru, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.
    The Pacific Alliance objective is to create a strong and dynamic block that would fortify mutual economy integration and definite joint        
    initiatives to improve trade and investment flows with a strong focus to the Asia Pacific region.        
    Jointly, the economies of Chile,Colombia, Mexico and Peru represents some 1.7 billion dollars in GDP terms approximately 35% of the GDP        
    of the Latin American region and agglutinate more than 200 million people.        
    April 28, 2011. Creation of the Pacific Alliance. Lima Declaration.        
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